Help a Child Preserve the Gift of Sight

Help a Child Preserve the Gift of Sight

The aim of this fundraising is to purchase a sophisticated, state of the art digital camera for the Hull & East Yorkshire Eye hospital. This camera takes highly detailed, full colour, wide screen images of the back of babies and children’s eyes. At the present time the Hull & East Yorkshire Eye Hospital does not have a Retcam camera. Any child needing retinal eye examinations would have to be sent to another part of the country for this to be carried out leading to delays in diagnosis and treatment, with the prospect of a poorer final outcome.

The equipment in question is called a Retcam, details of which can be found here:-

RetCam Screening

The camera would be used for premature babies with eye problems (Retinopathy of Prematurity), babies that have suspected ‘shaken infant’ syndrome, children with eye cancers (Retinoblastoma) or any child too young to sit at an adult camera (Optos).

Doctors at the eye hospital in Hull have been trying to obtain funds for several years for one of these cameras. Due to the high cost and budget restrictions, funds have not been approved. They all agree it is something desperately needed.

The cost of a single RetCam is £105,000 and we are attempting to raise this amount from fundraising events and donations.

We are not underestimating the magnitude of this appeal but we believe it will be worth the effort.

Sight is precious and anything that can be done to maintain it has to be considered a top priority. Early detection of problems in babies and young children would be possible with a RetCam.

Thank you for visiting our webpage. All donations large or small would help towards the purchase of this camera.

Alternatively, join us on one of our organised events or if you would like to host or organise your own, please get in touch.

We are being supported by local press, TV and radio in this campaign, so advertising would be a bonus for  any sponsor.

From a wider perspective, we all want the best for our children and want them to be happy and healthy. If something did go wrong though, we would want them to get the ‘Gold Standard’ of care. By placing a RetCam within the Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust, one aspect of this care would be assured.

Children in the Hull & East Yorkshire area have a right to get the same standard of care as in other parts of the country. Help us to achieve this ‘gold standard’ with the provision of a RetCam at Hull.

Below is a link to the manufacturers website which explains more about the camera.

RetCam 3 Wide-Field Digital Imaging System


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