Yorkshire 3 Peaks Walk – Hits the £11k Mark!

Yorkshire 3 Peaks Walk – Hits the £11k Mark!

Our Y3P walk was a great success on Saturday May 12th 2018.

In glorious, perfect walking conditions, 40 walkers started out, but, despite giving it their very best shot, a few had to withdraw.

Minor injuries apart, we are sure they and everyone else felt an immense sense pride in being part of something special and for that day, doing something way out of their comfort zone.

We hope that we have left you all with lasting memories.

From a campaign point of view, we have raised £11k, which for a single event, is fantastic.

Great effort from everyone concerned, thank you for your support, time and effort in helping to make it a great success.

Thanks also to everyone of our support team, (Mark, Stuart, Mike, Sarah and Julie) without which, the event would not have happened and a special thanks to Henry from Monkey Mountains for keeping us all safe!


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