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And a good day was had by all at Santander in the City Centre. The dog was running amok but we finally settled him with some treats. We raised £116 which will be matched by Santander so £232 on what was an appalling day weatherwise. So bad, we have got an invite back!
The ladies there were absolutely lovely as well. Thank you all for making us so welcome.
And to the team at ARCO who have just donated a cheque to the campaign direct to WISHH. Many thanks guys, really appreciated.
To the professional charities that will be fundamental to the success of this campaign.
Many thanks to the Trustees of a local charitable trust for awarding us £500 towards the Retcam3.
A significant jump towards our target and shows that the professionals are taking us seriously now. We wont let you down!
And it’s gestures like this which can restore our faith in people.
A kind lady celebrating her 70th birthday heard of our campaign and instead of gifts from her friends and family, she asked for donations to our campaign.
Thank you so much Mrs Wendy Wrigley, and rest assured when we buy this camera, your donation will have helped to ensure future generations will be able to enjoy their 70th birthdays with the gift of sight…
The whole object of this campaign is to provide the Hull & East Riding area with the best possible paediatric imaging system for infants. Currently, we believe this is a Retcam3. However, the team have just been made aware of a new product which has just come to market which is claimed to be (according to the manufacturers) superior and cheaper than the Retcam3. This is an American product (as is the Retcam) called a Phoenix ICON.
We will be evaluating this new product in conjunction with Ophthalmologists from the Children’s Eye Hospital in the very near future to see if these claims are true.
A most interesting development and we will keep you updated!
Our very first event last night (Psychic night) went down brilliantly and a good time was had by all. Brilliant location, The Village did us proud. The 2 Psychics came out with some uncanny stuff and literally had some of the audience crying for joy.
It proved so popular we are holding another one at The Hop Pole on the 27th March and we are nearly sold out. Same Spiritual Hart, at a special price of only £5 a ticket. There is a bar but nothing else this time.
We are also trying to secure The Village again for another one in the Summer. Details to follow.
And we managed to raise just short of £500 for the camera from this one event.
One of our team went to a charity dinner night at The Village Hotel last night (where we are going to hold ours) and had a great time! Apparently, it was really well organised with some great events going on and it has given us some really good ideas for ours.
Date certainly will be Friday 19th October though, unless The Village has to change this.
Individual tickets will be £35 or £300 for a table of 10.
We have a great band pencilled in which will really fit the event.
We are definitely going for a ‘themed’ evening and it’s going to be ………………
So much is happening now! Just to-day we have had a cash donation from the Anlaby/Willerby Slimming World, but more importantly, they have chosen us to be their charity to support for the rest of the year.
One of the team has had a very productive meeting with M&S in Hull to-day to put us forward to be their charity for the year. This will be down to a staff vote in April, so we need to be pro-active here and get them on side..
This Thursday we are having a ‘name the bear sale’ at our stalwart supporters, Acre Head Primary school (thanks Mrs R, you know who you are), a ‘name the dog and bear plus tombola at Santander, Jameson street on Saturday, plus the ‘biggy’ Psychic evening on Monday night. We literally have a dozen tickets left. Box Office. com is your best bet if you don’t want to miss out here.
It’s flat out then for another Psychic night at The Hop Pole and a Race night in the same week, next March.
Anyone coming on the training walk on Sunday, email me please.
Our psychic night has really taken off. We have sold over
60 tickets now, so thanks to all who have supported us in this. We ‘predict’ that this will be too many for one psychic, we don’t want Amie Louise to have a sensory overload, so we have engaged a 2nd ‘all see-er’ to come along.
In fact, she is so good, she contacted us and said we needed her, so we agreed!!!
We are getting some really generous donations from local businesses for our auction at our ball in October. Thank you all, you will be mentioned in due course! We think we have decided on a band for the event and have been in negotiation with them. We are going to see them live next month just to confirm that they are up to the really high standard we want for this event and then will confirm and publish details. We want this to be something special for campaign end and no detail will be overlooked. Please put this in your diary for the 19th October at The Village.
Had a really nice first training walk to-day with 15 members of the 3 Peaks crew. Hope everyone enjoyed it and was not too strenuous! Weather was very kind as well. Lovely sunny day.
We have just had 2 really welcome boosts to our appeal. a £100 cash donation from the AFC Yorkies (thanks lads) and a private donation from one of our teams family members of £1,000. Both are gratefully received and much appreciated. Thank you!
As a post script from to-day.
Our campaign has gone global as we have just had a $20 donation from the USA.
The power of the internet and social media eh??
Thanks to Erin Barbot if you are reading this xxx
The pace of the campaign is really picking up now and there are so many threads developing, it is starting to get difficult to keep pace with them all. We have just had a donation from the Park Grange Gun Club of over £200. That is fantastic and a special thanks to the ‘beaters’ for donating their beaters money to-day!
A number of charitable requests submitted before Christmas will be coming up for review over the next couple of months, so fingers crossed they think ours is a worthwhile campaign to allocate funds to.
These are the areas that will mean the difference between succeeding or failing, but we must not forget the smaller but equally valuable fund raising areas that chip away at the big target. We have a number of promises that hopefully will raise some cash over the next few weeks.
Santander have offered us a table one Saturday at their city centre branch where we can do a raffle or similar. Any funds we raise, they have promised to match, which is great!
We are raffling 3 nice soft toys at the moment. A monkey, a massive teddy and an even bigger dog. Not massive amounts, but it all adds up.
Heron Foods have given permission for a bag pack at their stores one day. We are just lacking suitable volunteers for this one if anyone wants to help out?
Our 3 Peaks walk is beginning to pick up pace and accommodations are being booked, Just Giving sites created and practice walks arranged. We are really hopeful of raising a good 5 figure sum from this event. Numbers are fluid at the moment as people are being added, but unfortunately some dropping out. We are around the high 40’s at the moment, another 5 or 10 would be brilliant. Still looking for a top class band for our Autumn Ball if anyone has any suggestions. Funds are limited on this one though, as every pound we spend on a band, it’s one less to the campaign and we just cannot afford that.
We have other submissions in the pipeline still under delicate negotiation, so we do not want to say too much at the moment. Suffice to say, if they come to fruition, it will make a big difference to our total.
As we are finding out, nobody in these difficult financial times, is prepared to throw money at you. It is a long and difficult journey you have to make for sometimes little or usually, no gain.
Doesn’t stop us from trying though.
The end gain is more than worth a little pain!!!
We guarantee you will see a Retcam in the Children’s Eye hospital by this time next year (hopefully sooner).
There are some really nice people around and it’s gestures like this that keep us motivated when things start slowing down!
We had an e-mail from Burnsy last week and a kind person in Scunthorpe sent him a Christmas card and in it was a £20 cheque for the appeal. Unfortunately, it was made out to Evie’s Retcam, so we could not cash it as we don’t have an account under that name. We have the ladies name and address, so we have sent it back to her and very politely asked if she will do another one for us in the correct name. Hopefully, we will be adding it to our Just Giving page in due course.
We have been invited by the Director of the Eye Hospital in Hull to a manufacturers demonstration of a cheaper version of the Retcam3, called a Retcam Shuttle. This model lacks some, what we feel is essential functionality of the Retcam 3, but has the advantage of portability where it could be easily moved to different locations. We will decide after this demonstration whether we feel this would be a viable alternative to the Retcam3 or whether we press ahead for the full blown version.
Tickets are currently selling well for our first event, the Psychic Night at The Village Hotel on Monday, February 26th at 7.30pm. We are enrolled on Hull Box now. Tickets for all our events will be available direct from here for immediate printing at home. Please come along and support us!


We have hit our target of 50 now, but we have decided to keep going. The more the merrier! Contact us now to join us. Details of walk have been sent out to everybody giving more detail. If you have not received yours, please get in touch.


20/11/17 –

Had a good interview with Burnsy on his show this morning and was ably supported by Colin Vize, Medical Director of the Eye Hospital in Hull. Burnsy seemed to be very impressed by what we were trying to do for our area and later on that day we got an anonymous donation of £100!! Fantastic and many thanks whoever you are. Remember though, every penny helps! Please support us however you can for this much needed camera.


20/11/17 –

And on the same day we had a great article published in the Hull Daily Mail. Thanks to Alex Cross for supporting us here. Thumbs up to Alex!!!

21/11/17 –

We had a meeting with Carly Bagshaw from The Hop Pole Pub who has kindly offered to host the Bank Holiday Fun Day for us. Carly’s enthusiasm is infectious and has got us all fired up for this event.

24/11/2017 –

We had a meeting with the General Manager of The Village to-day and he has agreed to host our Summer Ball. Dates and times need to be confirmed, but we intend this to be the culmination of our efforts and hope to raise a lot of money from this event. We are working hard now to lay on some top quality raffle prizes and best of the best auction prizes. Watch this space, join us and dress to impress……..



Acre Head Primary School in Hull (Evie’s school) have just held a cake sale for us and raised £60. Thanks to Mrs Robinson and the kind ladies who did the buns. The chocolate cake soon disappeared! Many thanks to the enthusiastic kids who did the selling. Cameron (Evie’s sister) was in the thick of it as well. Big shout out to Acre Head, a great little school!!!


Our target of 50 walkers has now been hit. We have decided this is not enough to keep us entertained on the hills, so if you are interested, please get in touch. The more the merrier. A group of 5 walkers have expressed an interest in hiring a guide. If anyone else fancies this (max in group 8), please let us know asap and we will organise. We will be supporting the walkers with refuelling stops along the way and loads of encouragement!



Another successful bake sale at The Acre Head with some very able staff helping out (Mrs Robinson, the Head Teacher, no less). £64 raised all heading to the charity. Once again, many thanks to the bakers, the sellers (you know who you are) and most importantly, the school for allowing us to do this. Hopefully, we might be able to do another one of these in the New Year.



Had a good meeting to-day with this organisations creative director, a Mr Gary Jennison. Gary is really keen to help us out and has put forward a number of suggestions which sound really promising. New territory for us, so we are relying on Gary to put his creative talents to good use. It really sounds a laugh though, so once again, keep your eye out on our Events page!